EyeKnowHipHop on ‘Ode To Ghana’

“If like me, a Hip Hop tribute to Ghana’s afro-jazz musicians made solely using samples from that vibrant scene sounds like the most exciting the internet has shown you this week; you’re in the right place. This 20 track compilation from indie web-based label and international production collective Hobo Truffles is a chilled listen that’s perfect for simulating some rays of sunshine to get you through Britain’s cold streak right now.

When German producers Shufflejack and Robot Orchestra assembled this band of beat-makers for their take on the Highlife genre, they chose from the world’s foremost aspiring talent; who all soak in the radiant African influence and reinterpret the genre through a Hip-Hop-tinted lens. Over Twenty tracks each man brings his own distinct style, drawing from electronica, much of the modern, more jazz-influenced tones that permeate instrumental hip hop at the moment, that ubiquitous touchstone that the Dilla legacy has become, and the rich indigenous culture that inspired the project. As with Madlib’s Beat Konducta series, the self-imposed genre restriction only serves to make the LP an even more interesting listen. The experimentation and individuality that each track offers has been accomplished with ease and showcases each producers strength; creating an involving musical experience when listened to either as a full album, or randomly on shuffle.

It’s an ambitious project that is brought to life with as much vigour and tenacity as the original music the collective have taken influence from; making for a dynamic journey through sound that will leave you wanting to rewind to catch the subtleties and nuances buried in each track. Much respect to everyone involved for creating an interesting and exciting listen that treats the source material with respect, and crafts some fresh ideas to breathe new life into instrumental Hip Hop as we begin this new year.”



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